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How to use will help you to go digital. It offers a video conference tool, message system and file storage all in one place.

Here is your guide on how to navigate it.

The Dashboard

The dashboard is your main home screen.

This is what you will first see when you log onto Consultive.
The dashboard is where you will be able to organise your work, allowing you to schedule what you need to do.

On the dashboard you are able to:

  • See an overview of your progress
  • Add tasks that you need to get done
  • Save your work files so they are all in one places
  • Make meeting notes

The dashboard also has links to other resources:

  • Links to Rik's YouTube channel - here you will find a variety of videos from Rik including his advice content "Just Ask Rik"
  • Links to our Facebook group - here you will be able to interact with other members, ask them for advice as well as imparting your own knowledge.
  • Book a call - here you will be able to quickly and easily book in an appointment with one of our consultants when you need some advice and help.

All of these resources are accessible with one click.


The message tab will allow you to stay in contact with your clients and us.

Here you have the option to send a web message or a text message, the choice is completely yours!

The function of this tab is so that any messages that you send from Consultive are all in one place, making it easier for you to keep track of what you send and receive.

Progress Tracker

This tab is dedicated solely to your progress.

Here you can put in your daily/weekly/monthly work progress, the choice is up to you! This page allows you to keep track of what you have already achieved and what you still plan to do.

The tracker function is there to allow you to see the digital journey that you have made so far.


Under this tab you will be able to organise and manage your clients information.

Here you are able to add as many "users" (clients) as you wish. Once you have put their information in it will be stored just like the contact app on your phone.

Under the administration tab is where you will be able to call the clients you need, having the option to invite everyone to a meeting or just a select few. is here to help you stay orgainsed. It allows all the work that you are doing to go digital to be in one place. It is here to keep you on track of your digital journey and make life all that bit easier for you.

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