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Founded by Rik Courtney (CEO), Consultive is designed for consultants, coaches, and mentors worldwide. "It is a purpose-built business database to communicate with clients (through video calls and messages) to manage prospects and your sales pipeline."

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Your Business CRM

A purpose built business dashboard that can feel like your office, online. Customisation and Modules allow your business to have the freedom to look and feel the way you want.

Video Conferences

Host up to 50 people on a single in browser web call, no need to download anything!


Add your logo, your own brand colours and imagery so it feels more like home every time you login.


Create tailor made modules for your clients with custom videos and attachments.

Book Appointments

Third party integration allows you to sync up your calendly account to take virtual appointments!

Consultive is here to help you manage your client relationships, offering a better user and service experience to anyone who touches paths with your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? Take a look at our FAQ's!


To login to your dashboard just visit You will then see all of your dashboards that you have registered. Simply click "login" next to your dashboard.

If you forget your password (let’s be honest it happens to all of us) just visit the login page. On our login screen you will see a ‘Forgot Password’ button. Click on that and follow the steps to reset your password.

No problem, we're sad to see you go! You can cancel a dashboard by logging into your admin account, clicking "Configure" on your dashboard and then click "Cancel Licence" to cancel your dashboard.

We have an app for both iOS and Android! Exciting! To download it and stay in regular contact with your consultant, you need to visit the app store which you can do here.

Your invoices are hosted on your admin account for you to download and see at your convenience.

To get started, click this link. We can't wait to show you all the features that Consultive has to offer.

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